OLG is a strong Catholic community deeply committed to the spiritual growth of each of its students.  We engage students spiritually in ways that are challenging, instructive, and relevant to their lives and their future.  Throughout the school year we provide numerous faith-focused activities that promote broad student participation, including our weekly school-wide Mass and our daily school-wide morning and afternoon prayers.   In addition, students have the opportunity to get involved in a number of community service projects, altar serving, peer ministry, and much more.

Liturgy & Worship

Wednesday mornings we celebrate Mass together as a school community each week with a student-led liturgy.  Classrooms rotate leadership of the all-school masses, with students participating fully in all aspects of the liturgy, from music leadership to reading and altar serving.  OLG students become very comfortable participating actively in liturgy.        

Mass is also celebrated as a school community on holy days throughout the church year.  Additionally, reconciliation services are an important part of the seasons of Advent and Lent for grades two through eight.  


Special Events

Highlights of the liturgical experience at OLG include:  

  • All Saints' Day Mass, where our kindergarteners remind us we are all called to be saints!

  • May Crowning, where our eight graders lead a meaningful service for the school, first choosing a boy and girl from their class who best represent the qualities of Mary and Joseph in their everyday lives. These students in turn crown Mary, Our Lady of Grace, with the aid of the second grade Honor Guard, dressed in their First Communion finery.

  • Thursday Morning Rosary: A monthly devotion, led by our eight-grade peer ministers, with featured special guests aiding in leadership of the Rosary prayers.

All Saints' Day Mass

Peer Ministry

Our Lady of Grace’s Peer Ministry team has been developed as a way to cultivate the qualities of faith and leadership within the lives of the 8th graders involved and the school community at large.  Peer Ministers have a three-fold mission: 

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Peer Ministers are encouraged to be active Christian leaders both in and out of the classroom.  They help lead the 5thgrade Kindness Retreat each year, invite others to pray a monthly school-wide Rosary for the intentions of all OLG students, and offer “mini-lessons” to elementary classrooms when needed.  However, much of the “work” goes on behind the scenes.  In the words of St. Francis of Assissi, Peer Ministers seek to “Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary, use words”.

Prayer Buddies

To foster a spirit of community in worship, students enjoy relationships with prayer buddies in different grades.  For example, our kindergarteners are paired with 8th graders, with whom they enjoy many opportunities to build a relationship throughout the school year through special activities and projects.  During weekly Mass, 8th grade students sit with their kindergarten prayer buddies as a beautiful reminder of their responsibility to be excellent role models for our younger students.

Similarly, students in other grades are paired each year as prayer buddies to share special experiences through religion class, service projects and liturgies, helping strengthen the bonds of our school community beyond individual grade levels.

Prayer Buddies at Our Lady of Grace Catholic School
Community Outreach Minneapolis

Altar Service

All Our Lady of Grace School students and Faith Formation students are welcome to become Altar Servers beginning in the 5th grade.  This ministry is very important to our parish community as they provide assistance at Saturday, Sunday, weekday and special masses.  Direct participation in the functions of the Mass, along with developing a relationship with priests, sacristans, and others who participate in the Mass helps students develop an appreciation for the benefits of worshiping as a community. 

Training sessions are provided for all new altar servers.  Schedules are prepared quarterly and distributed quarterly. 

For more information, contact the parish office.

Community Service

Our Lady of Grace Catholic School exemplifies the importance of living the message of Jesus Christ by helping others.  All of our students participate in a variety of community service projects, giving them an opportunity to serve those in need. 

Our Social Justice Calendar reflects ongoing service projects that support our parish initiatives and our grade level curriculum. 

OLG Middle School offers significant opportunities for community service.  The Middle School Service Club exists for students in grades 6-8 who have a strong desire to help others.   The MSSC is designed to introduce these students to a variety of people and places that need our help as we explore how they can follow in Jesus' footsteps as servant leaders.   Through MSSC, students are asked to volunteer in support of a minimum of 4 service events each semester.

Additionally, all Middle School students are asked to contribute 4 hours of community service per trimester as a requirement within their religion classes.  And each Tuesday, a group of 6-8 Middle School students have the opportunity to help serve lunch at Sharing & Caring Hands in downtown Minneapolis, where they witness the powerful outreach and ministry of Mary Jo Copeland.

As written in Luke 12:48 … “Everyone to whom much is given, of him will much be required…”


Altar Service at Our Lady of Grace Catholic School