Our Lady of Grace uses a variety of assessments to improve learning for all students.  We want assessments to reflect the quality of a student's work rather than a calculation of points.  Our assessments are aligned to state and national standards, and are designed to be fair, consistent and meaningful.

Currently, OLG uses two standardized assessments:  Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) and Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA).  Individual and school performance on these assessments help us to determine how well our students are learning, and where to make adjustments in our curriculum.  Year after year, test results place OLG in the top 5% of schools in Minnesota and the top 1-3% of schools nationally.  

In addition to standardized assessments, all teachers use classroom assessments.  We continue to incorporate school-wide use of formative assessment, standards-based rubrics and learning targets as well as student self-reflection.  

Through implementation of our school assessment plan, we expect to have increased student motivation and engagement, more emphasis on learning rather than grades, and an increase in the percentage of students meeting or exceeding grade-level standards.  We also expect the assessments will yield more valid and consistent feedback for students, teachers and parents. 

Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs)

The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) are given for reading and math in Grades 3, 5, and 7 each spring.  These tests are mandatory for public schools in Minnesota, but not required for non-public schools.  Our Lady of Grace chooses to partipate in MCA testing in order to ensure that our curriculum aligns effectively with statewide standards, and to provide another measure of our student performance.

Edina's excellent public schools offer a valuable benchmark for OLG.  For a 5-year trend of MCA data comparing OLG to Edina public schools, CLICK HERE

Spring 2018 MCA Summary (OLG performance on a percentile basis compared to other MN schools):

  • 3rd Grade: 98th percentile Reading, 98th percentile Math

  • 5th Grade: 98th percentile Reading, 99th percentile Math

  • 7th Grade: 98th percentile Reading, 99th percentile Math

Read more about MCA testing and schedules here.

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

The Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test is a national assessment administered twice a year in all grades for reading and math, and annually in Grades 6-8 for science.  This assessment provides data to help determine each child's instructional level and provides a measure of his or her academic growth over time.  The 2018 MAP results for OLG placed our school within the top 3% nationally for most grades in both reading and math, with performance in many categories in the top 1-2%.   For more detail, CLICK HERE