School Lunch Payment System - EZ School Apps

EZ School Apps is OLG’s new system for purchasing, and monitoring your children’s lunches. This program replaces PayPams. Please ignore any alerts from PayPams to add funding or take any other actions.

Set-Up Your Account

  1. Set up your parent account at the EZ School Apps portal by following the instructions here.

  2. After you receive an email confirmation (this could take a day or more) you can add funds to your child’s account by credit card. We are not currently able to accept checks as a form of payment, but are looking at being able to add this option in the future.

  3. Convenience charges for adding funds using a credit card:

    • $1.95 for less than $50

    • 2.9% + $.30 for $50 and over

  4. Your child will still be able to order lunch if your account is not set up by the first day of school, Monday, August 26. All changes incurred during that time will be recorded and the funds will be extracted once you have set up your account. Multiple parent accounts can be linked to the same student (for multi-household families).

  5. Returning students will use the same lunch number as last year and new students will receive a new number. All students will receive their pin numbers in class on Monday.

  6. EZ School Apps parental access must be done through a browser. There are no iPhone or Android apps for this program.

  7. Once your account has be created it should be activated within 24 hours. You will recieve a confirmation email once your account has been activated.

What if I had a credit or debit balance with PayPams?

According to the records provided to us from Edina Public Schools, most students and some faculty members had an outstanding balance (credit or debit) from last school year in their PayPams account.

We are in the process of making the balance transfer from Edina Public Schools. In the next few weeks, once balances are transferred, they will be applied to each student's Smart Tuition account.


Please contact Anthony Barrett, Assistant Principal, at with any questions.