Edina PCN

Our Lady of Grace participates in the Parent Communication Network, a collaborative effort among all Edina schools to host speakers and researchers on parenting topics.  Click here for the calendar of events and more about PCN.

Family Counseling

OLG has partnered with Phoenix School Counseling for more than 20 years providing support to families whose students demonstrate social, emotional, behavioral, and learning needs. Victoria Stein, Dr. Jules Nolan, and Dr. Steve Kahn support our students and families through direct service, consultation, and assessment. Please see our Health Services page for more information. 


Family Network

The Family Network assists OLG families who are experiencing a hardship such as a serious illness or injury, death in the family, or job loss.  Assistance could include help with meals, driving, or other support.  Contact the school office or Family Network Coordinator for more information.

Parent Student Handbook

Our Lady of Grace Catholic School is a Catholic Community of parents, educators and students whose greatest commitment is to spiritual and academic growth. As members of God’s faith community, we proclaim and celebrate God’s love. As parents, we acknowledge our role as teachers of our children. As educators, we center our teaching on Gospel values, assess the individual needs of each child and encourage the pursuit of academic excellence. As students, we accept the responsibility to learn to our greatest potential and to be life-long learners. This growth occurs within a mutually supportive environment that fosters in each of us a love for God, love for one another and a desire to serve the greater community.