Congratulations Class of 2019!

On Saturday, June 1st, we celebrated the 70 members of the OLG Class of 2019!

We are proud of them and know that they will excel as they move on to high school! While our graduates are heading to 12 different high schools, 72% will be continuing on to a Catholic High School! Next year, our graduates will be attending:

Academy of Holy Angels
Blake School
Benilde-St. Margaret’s
Edina High School
Eden Prairie High School
Holy Family Catholic High School
Hopkins High School
Jefferson High School
Minneapolis Southwest High School
St. Thomas Academy
Visitation School

8th grade student, Alanna, wrote the below poem for our Middle School Herald as an opportunity to reflect on her formation at OLG School:


All that begins
Continues on.
The day rises with the sun,
Then eventually rests with the moon
Until it gently wakes us again in the morning
The trees will present to us buds
Their smiling faces of green
Flooding the world with life and renewal
That will fall,
Tucked beneath the blanket of snow
Dreaming of the sun as the winds dance above
And dreaming of the renewal that Spring carries behind it
As the day draws to an end,
Succumbing to rest,
As the leaves on the Mighty Oak
Lets Winter hold it down,
So yet another year at OLG skips along
Rushing forward in our life
Moving ahead in our hearts
Faster than we have ever imagined
Yet filled with years of
And faith
Within a single day
And in a single moment
Though our lives kept on rushing
Trying to keep up with the World and its promises
Trying to fulfill the standards
That is out of our reach
There is a rock
A foundation
It stands sturdy in our lives
Though the winds may blow
And the waves come crashing in
Though our vessel may start filling
And darkness comes closing in
OLG has given us a gift
More valuable than any stone, jewel, or gem.
Our Faith.
Through the teachers,
The students,
Through the Sacraments and through our time spent with the Lord together,
Through the lessons and the conversations,
As one,
We have been given faith
Flowers have been scattered on the path
And our souls have picked them up
Until a bouquet has been made that will last a lifetime
We have learned that happiness is not found
East or West
North or South
But up
And now, our time at OLG is like
The sun sleeping beneath the hills
And the trees drawing to rest in their blankets
Many of us will enter a time of waiting
Until we are called in again to OLG
But for some,
This Summer is not of waiting
But of preparation
Though we leave our home,
As blossoms will dance on the wind
Far from the tree,
We know where our roots are.
We know where our foundation was created.
Though we may scatter
Finding a home in people and places,
We keep our hearts in mind
OLG has given all who go there many gifts
From academic success
To a faith that surpasses all forces of the earth,
Our hearts have been washed
And made light
Though graduation rolls ahead,
And many leave this school,
OLG remains a beacon in our hearts
Its light stretches onward
Until our eyes can see nothing
But the
Learning and Love
Magnanimity and Humility
Gratitude and faith
That lies ahead.
In our years spent at OLG,
We have been building bridges behind us
Linking us back to
Our Foundation
In which our faith was planted
And watered with love
And kept in the light of the Spirit.
Each year brings forth renewal
Whether it be moving on to the next grade
Or moving on to the next part of our lives,
Our roots stay firm
And our foundation stays strong
And whether you are in
Or Eighth grade
We live life to its best
And when the opportunities arise,
Like Our Blessed Mother Mary,
We will always lead with Yes!