Order The 2018-19 OLG School Yearbook!

It's Time to Buy the 2018-19 OLG Yearbook!

Make sure to capture the year with the 2018-19 OLG School Yearbook!

All yearbooks must be purchased online by Sunday, February 3rd.

*Absolutely NO orders will be taken after February 3rd. This is the only yearbook sale of the year.*

Yearbooks are $14/each.

Click HERE to order your child's yearbook.

Use Yearbook ID Code: 1978619.  

Type in your student's first name, last name and grade. Click "next." Choose the number of copies for this child. (Each child should order his/her own yearbook - You can add extra children on the next page). Click "next." *If you have more than one student, please click on the blue text "Place Additional Order for this school" found in the box on the upper right hand side of the page.* Repeat for each child. Once you have finished with all children, complete the billing and payment information section and then click "Submit" on the bottom right hand corner.

Questions? Contact the Yearbook Committee

Mrs. Brekke, Mrs. Jaax, Mrs. Mortl