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In Algebra, we will spend the first half of the year discussing linear equations and linear functions. The second half of the year we will be learning more about quadratics, rational functions, and radical functions. We also do at least one large project during the year where students are in charge of taking a popular song, rewriting the lyrics to teach a math concept in class, and making a music video for it. 

In Geometry, we will spend time learning about logical reasoning, 2D and 3D figures, and how to create a sound logical argument (proofs). We will also be doing a few small projects thoughout the year, one large project, and finish the year with some algebra review to get ready for Algebra II in high school. 

Both Algebra and Geometry will operate in a flipped format where students watch the video lecture at home and work on assignments and projects during class time. This year I am looking forward to getting to know you and help you learn math!

Google Classroom will be used throughout the year. Please check your Google Classroom page for assignments, test dates, and hand outs. 


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