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Welcome to 7th Grade Literature, Writing, and Grammar!

In Literature we read a variety of novels including The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Giver, and The Outsiders. In addition, we will read several short stories and a nonfiction text called The Hive Detectives. We also incorporate a unit in the spring where students read one of a variety of Science fiction texts in groups. While the class does reinforce good comprehension strategies, the main focus is on high level analysis such as identifying theme, examining the meaning of and relationship between characters, setting, and mood, using strong evidence to support all their ideas of analysis, and comparing and contrasting text features.

In Writing we focus on the writing process. Students learn to make extensive revisions to their work, be self-reflective, and, as a result, build a more full understanding of how to write in many different forms. Our writing projects include persuasive writing, creative writing, a research based project, analysis writing, and descriptive writing. I also incorporate grammar skills into their work to actively improve the quality of their writing and self-editing skills.

This school year, the OLG Middle School will be using Google Classroom as our main source of communication with the students regarding class work. On Google Classroom, students can expect to find homework posts, any class documents, and other important materials.


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Welcome to Ms. Hahn's Classroom!


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