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7th Grade – U.S. History (Textbook - Discovering Our Past - A History of the United States)

·  Students focus on the nation’s history, geography, and economic growth from 1800 to the current era.

·  Students examine the three branches of government, the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the duties and responsibilities of U.S. citizenship.

·  Students study economic principles, making connections between individual skills and how people’s jobs have changed over time.

·  Students learn about and discuss current events.


8th Grade – World Studies (Textbook - Discovering World Geography)

·  Students study world regional geography and learn how geography influences economics and government.

·  Students learn events from the last half-century that have shaped our world today.

·  Students learn how different governments are formed and how political philosophies serve various purposes.

·  Students learn how economic growth and geographic situations play a part in the standards of living in different countries around the world.

·  Students learn about and discuss current events.

This school year, the OLG Middle School will be using Google Classroom as our main source of communication with the students regarding class work. On Google Classroom, students can expect to find a daily blog post, any class documents, and other important materials such as retake tickets, study guides, course syllabus, etc.

To access my Google Classroom, login with your students and look around!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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