6th Grade

Welcome to 6th grade and the OLG middle school.  This year we strive to lead our students to gain more independence, build strong relationships with their teachers and peers, and become closer to Christ.  Students will be thrilled with all the different learning opportunities they will encounter in all their classes. 


Mr. Benson

Math & Science (6th Grade)

 Mike began his teaching career in 1977 in South Dakota, moved to Minnesota, and began his OLG tenure in 2001. Mike teaches Math, Physical Science, STEM (Automation and Robotics), and LEGO robotics. Mike has undergraduate degrees in Special Education and Middle School Education, with graduate work in adolescent brain development. Mike is the 6th Grade Math Masters coach, and coach of the 5th, 6th ,7th and 8th grade robotics teams. Mike is also an Apple technician for the 1 to 1 program.


Mr. ClearY

Religion & Literature (6th Grade)

Mr. Dan Cleary teaches 6th grade Religion and Literature.  He has worked at Our Lady of Grace since 2008.  He received his degrees from the University of St. Thomas in both English and Education.  He completed studies in the Catehchism of the Catholic Churth at the Archbishop Harry J. Flynn Catechetical Institute at the University of St. Thomas/St. Paul Seminary in 2011.  He helps lead the OLG Run Club after school in the springtime.  Mr. Cleary also serves as an advisor for the OLG Student Council and on the Social Justice Committee.  Mr. Cleary went on a mission trip to Ghana, Africa in the summer of 2015 to visit our sister parish and school.  In his spare time he enjoys: Star Wars,  hockey, British rock music, and his new Golden Retriever puppy: Wembley.


Mr. Mortl

Social Studies, Writing & Grammar (6th Grade)

Mr. Joe Mortl is a 6th grade writing, grammar and social studies teacher in the middle school.  He received a 1-6 Education degree from St. John's University in Collegeville, MN in 1998.  He also received his Master's degree in Education from St. Mary's University of Minnesota in 2003. Mr. Mortl has enjoyed teaching at Our Lady of Grace since 2004. He has coached basketball teams and is involved in the school's run club.  He also serves on the Staff Development Team, SBG Implementation Team, and Education Committee to work on curriculum, assessment, and staff initiatives. In his free time, Mr. Mortl enjoys sports, exercising, writing, music, and spending quality time with his family.